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by superadmin on 28 February, 2009

Your Focus team campaigned for South Ribble to have  Councillor’s attendance records available for public inspection see:-

You will see that Linda Williams  has an 87%  and Madge Suthers has 61% record of service. Interestingly Madges’ worst meeting seems to be Leyland East  Area Committee where she has only managed one attendance. This is the main meeting  where she would meet you her electors . Whereas Linda is a frequent contributor to meetings your Focus team has yet to hear Madge speak. It has to be said though that Madge’s record is far better than some. Her brother Councillor Ray Woodburn at Leyland Central has only a 21% record and has of course featured in the Leyland Guardian. It is the view of the Focus Team that attendance has improved since the publicity and the publishing of the records.

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