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Why I am standing

by superadmin on 11 May, 2009

The last election was of course a disaster for Lib Dems in Leyland and we found ourselves with 45 out of 50 odd councillors Tory and only one Lib Dem from Penwortham.

The task was to try and provide an opposition and keep the Lib Dem flag flying. The solution was the fact that the Council allowed a member of the public 5mins to speak at every council .

Since then we have attended every single Council meeting and spoken for our 5 mins in each and every one ; often being the most heard voice. Despite the fact that it is not always easy facing 45 baying and baaing Tories we have put questions on all varieties of topics such as litter;the waste plant and  parking. Perhaps what we are proudest of is pressuring the Tories to publish details of their attendances and then exposing the poor record of some Leyland members. Indeed that we have a by-election now is in no small part due to our efforts.

Whether we get elected now or not the policy will continue but we do feel that we can do the job better as a councillor and give you more of a service. This is all the more important as the administration is dominated by senior Tories from the Western Parishes  who have tendency to belittle Leylanders and their problems as now in the parking crisis. They also have failed to give their own Leyland Councillors a share of the power to get things done preferring unelected businnessmen to your elected representatives. Leyland desperately needs money spending on it if it is to survive as a Town and the present administration will inevitably face questions from their rich Longton electors as to why so much is being spent upon Leyland a place few of them venture into. They must be kept with their noses to the regeneration grindstone and we can do that better if elected.

Rest assurred win or lose we shall continue as a thorn in the side of the Tory administration asking the questions it would prefer not to answer.

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