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The Election

by superadmin on 16 June, 2009

First of all many thanks to the 350 people who voted Lib Dem  in the Borough and the 1116 who voted the same in the County. Alas we were 21 short of the winning Caleb Tomlinson and 5 of the Tory who came second . You will have noticed that the campaign was against the Tory in the hope of getting more opposition into the Council. In that we succeeded and we have every confidence that Caleb will follow his brothers excellent example. Sadly Matt could not retain his County seat. County wide we managed to retain our Penwortham seat and win 4 more seats bringing us up to 10 with 51 Tories and 16 Labour. The big difference this will make is even more cash towards winning their 6 target seats in the North West. Expect the deluge before next May!!!

On the big issues it will be interesting to see if they continue with Lancashire locals and the supposed policy of handing down power or will they try pull in the power in an attempt to create a Lancashire wide unitary council. You will remember this was their policy when the government were consulting on the reorganisation of local government.

What about your South Ribble Focus team? We still have only one Councillor and do not count as a party but rest assurred we shall attend all meetings where we can make a mark and keep the Tories under pressure. Hopefully we shall be able to get out some more focuses working towards the election in two years. Hopefully too we shall be able to recruit more Focus  deliverers. This election we used UTube for the first time  and had 60 viewings . This is an area where we shall see increased use . Similarly Elections see a vast amount of time and effort put into leaflets which have an active life of about 8 seconds between door and bin. How much better if we can use an email database to communicate with those who are sympathetic to the cause. If as seems likely the Tories win at the next election the hope is that a year on their will be an increasing amount of dissatisfaction  which we can exploit and use to set about reducing the number of tories on the Council.

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