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A roman soldier in your school

Dear Head,

This email is to introduce the services of the Ermine Street Guard to your school and myself as one of the Guard’s local representatives

The Guard is the oldest and best Ist cent Roman Reenactment Group which has been entertaining and educating the public for over 30 years; either by way of public displays or here by way of visits to local schools. We have been a registered charity since 1988.

Additionally we undertake a great deal of research to ensure the authenticity of the arms and equipment we manufacture. 

Here is the website if you wish to learn more.

What I offer to your school is usually an afternoon visit by myself as Marcus Claudius Silva a legionary in the Twentieth Legion Valeria Victrix of the Imperial Roman Army of the last year of the Emperor Vespasian 79AD. The children will be told about and handle (consistent with safety) all the arms and equipment of a legionary and hear about the long career of this veteran of the Great Rebellion (Boudicca) and the Year of Four Emperors 69 AD.

They will also hear of his retirement plans  with his British wife Placida close to his base at Wroxeter if he survives his last war with the Governor Agricola in Caledonia.

Weather permitting they will have an opportunity to be drilled as legionnaries and to learn a little Latin to impress their parents.If you have any additional requirements please let me know as I try to form a useful  part of your History curriculum.

You may have seen pictures in the local press of my visits which serve to raise local awareness of your school and its activities.

You can have confidence in the safety of your pupils as I hold enhanced disclosure certificate no 001089100397.

You will gather from the address below that roman soldiering  is not my occupation and the  £60 plus travel  expenses we charge goes to help Guard funds.The children will also have an opportunity to purchase a range of pocket money priced souvenirs.

 Again I try to do no more than two schools per month so early booking is advised.

Bookings can be made via our Centurion Chris Haines Telephone Number 01452 862235 E-Mail or get in touch with me direct at the address below. 

Could I also take this opportunity of mentioning to you the Mimimus Latin course which I highly recommend .

I look forward to meeting you and your pupils.


DerekP. S. This year if any of your lady members of staff wish to wear costume I can provide the necessary clothing and Jewillery so as to show what the wife of Silva would be wearing.


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