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European Elections

by superadmin on 12 May, 2009

Not the most popular topic in England but here I wanted to step out of party politics and give you my personal view as someone who is pro Europe and takes an interest in European matters. We have 8 MEPs to elect and a whole variety of parties to chose from including Nick Griffin of the BNP party which probably has its best hope here in the NW. Clearly therefore do NOT vote BNP. Secondly of all the other parties Chris Davies no 1 for LIB dems has shown what a good MEP should do . He is active in all sorts of areas of legislation but has been particularly effective in highlighting the ease with which MEPs do and can fiddle their expenses.Robert Atkins (no 1 on the Tory list) and Den Dover (now independent) have both had difficulties in this area with the latter being sacked from the Tory party and the former having difficulty in explaining how public money paid for him to go to his son’s wedding in the USA.

I cannot claim to know him personally although we have corresponded and have very similar views on a lot of topics. He is in my mind the most outstanding English MEP and deserving of your support.

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