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RAWS the true cost

by superadmin on 28 February, 2009

When the Waste plant was proposed the County Council granted itself planning permission. Local protesters got together and formed RAWS to oppose the plant. They took Legal Advice and astonishingly got positive advice for a Judicial review of the decision. Inevitably this was refused and of course the Plant is now well on the way to completion.

Your Focus Team were interested to know how much this all cost the County Council and of course the Council Tax payer. A freedom of information request was therefore made and we recently got a reply. Evidently the Council’s legal costs amounted  to £39725.80 of whch over £34000 was the Barrister’s fees . RAWS paid £6444.oo as they were ordered to pay the costs from 2pm on the day of the hearing (sic).

The delay caused by the Judicial review dwarfs the costs though as this is estimated at £15 million.

Those who wish to exercise their Legal rights should therefore bear in mind the likely cost of their actions as it is the taxpayer who ultimately has to pick up the tab!!

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