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by superadmin on 30 November, 2007

Remember that call you got from the Tories just before the election

“Vote for us and we will give you weekly waste food collections”.

It looks like thats yet another promise that will not be. Last night Labour chaired Scrutiny committee gave the idea a big NO in a specially commissioned report.

“Overall the task group believe that the current alternate weekly waste collection service sufficiently meets the current needs of residents in South Ribble”

“The detailed case study carried out by Defra and Wycombe District Council shows that there are no related healthriskd with leaving waste outside for longer periods”

“If a weekly collection was to be introduced it would mean doubling the collections and resources that are currently in place. This would require a further 5 vehicles and 15 operatives as a minimum. The estimated cost of this is in the region of 500K

The South Ribble Cabinet is to make the decision on the 12th December but can this be any other than a resounding Niet.

Next time the Tories make a promise reach for the salt!!!!!!

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